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Miss Dina has been a teacher her whole life. She was educated both in Europe and America and has work experience in both places. Combining the best from both educational systems Miss Dina created her own program that works well for young children. Miss Dina's program is well structured, yet allows flexibility to address each child's individual needs. Being very observant by nature, Miss Dina emphasises on providing a guidance directed at improving child's strong qualities as well as helping a child develop new skills.
Miss Dina's program uses age-appropriate approaches to encourage child's natural abilities to promote healthy independence, motivation of initiative, desire of exploration and self-learning.
This program is based on fundamental studies, experience, wisdom and common sense!

In year 2005 Miss Dina opened her own daycare-preschool with her daughter-in-law Anna. Anna is also an experienced teacher with great cooking skills and our lunches became favorite food for all our kids.

Miss Dina has a degree in Early Child Development, California Teaching Credential, over 35 years experience working with young kids, a lot of love for children. Miss Dina plays two musical instruments and recognizes the importance of music for childrens development. She enjoys teaching her students different songs with the accompaniment of piano.